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Courses, Products, and Living Workshops, for Social Entrepreneurs, and Mindful Creatives

Awaken The Muse Design School @travenmeyers
Awaken The Muse Design School | Social Media Design | Instagram Design | Pinterest Design

An online design school, and living workshop for entrepreneurs, innovators, and mindful creatives. Offering courses ranging from app design, digital marketing, and branding, to web and course design. All the pieces needed to make your mark, and share your digital story.

MCAT Test Prep | NCLEX Test Prep | AP Biology Test Prep | AP Psychology Test Prep @scrubninjas @travenmeyers
MCAT Test Prep | NCLEX Test Prep | Ap Biology Prep | AP Psychology Prep

This rapid review game was designed to help players study high-yield content through micro- and spaced- learning techniques. Created for the MCAT (premed), NCLEX (nursing) and High School AP Exams. A ninja-themed game for the lovers of anime, gaming and visual learning.

Mamas Make Your Mark Membership | Womens Support Group | Spiritual Womens Group @travenmeyers

Soul 2 Soul Sisterhood is a mastermind, and ‘Live’ global event starting in 2018. A living workshop for women of wisdom, and mama’s making their mark matter through conscious business, parenting and community. First live event is in Eugene, Oregon February 2018.


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17 PowerPoint Templates for Your Digital Storytelling and Instructional Design

There is a growing rise in course, presentation and webinar design. PowerPoint

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Mind Your Body, I’ll Mind Mine (A Self-Love Meditation)

A Mother's Journey Towards Self Love. Love thyself they say. You can love yourself,

  • Thailand Tsunami Volunteer @travenmeyers

Memoirs of a Tsunami Volunteer, and A Path of Social Change

Memoirs of A Tsunami Volunteer On December 26, 2004 I was in Bangkok,

  • Graphic design apps | Video Apps | Photography Apps | Instagram Apps @travenmeyers

17 Graphic Design APPS for Social Media and Digital Marketing

Modern technology within the design world has really opened doors for me as an artist. With graphic design apps, I’m able to snap, draw, and create on the fly from my ipad, or mobile device.



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