It’s a Family Thing!

About T. Raven & Family

Hello, I’m T. Raven Meyers, (formally Sewalelot) a wife, mother and teacher, devoted to planting seeds of change.

The beauty of this conscious lifestyle is walking the path with my husband Matteo, and our young sons Soren-Jai & Ayden-Skye, as we fulfill our wanderlust together, creating new experiences and opportunities for growth as a family.

My intentions in this life, is to make my mark in this world matter, and have a lifestyle that reflects that intention.

I’m an instructional designer, and digital storyteller, with 20+ years in media, cause related marketing and education technology. Besides that, I’m also a holistic midwife! 

I create apps, courses, and digital products for freestyle learners, creatives, and conscious entrepreneurs. 

I’m also the founder of Scrub Ninjas® Video Game App, the first ever video game test prep for the MCAT (premed), and High School AP exams.  Designed for visual learners! 

I work with people just like you, thought leaders, visionaries, healers and do-gooders, by giving you the tools to rise through a virtual mentorship, online training and a community devoted to a path of conscious living, and entrepreneurship.

When we lead with our soul, our life itself transforms. When we are clear with our intentions, our story is not only seen and heard, but felt deeply by others. A true story telling from the heart. Within that alignment we can pave our path in a meaningful way, a way that benefits others. -T. Raven

So join me, and let’s make our mark in this world matter, not only in our personal growth, but as teachers and innovators in service to others!

It is my hopes, that my courses, books and mentoring create the freedom you need to live the life you desire. An openness to pursue happiness in all areas of your life.

I realized that teaching is the best way to honor one another, as a woman who honors indigenous wisdom and medicine, I feel that teaching from my understanding in wellness, business and the creative arts, is a way I can truly serve.

Besides my university background, I feel my most intimate teachings and growth have been from my apprenticeships and study with shaman, midwives, Buddhist scholars, and practitioners of ancient wisdom like the Venerable Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, Dr. Arun Gandhi, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, Anita Rojas, and Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa to name a few.

We all have greatness, we all have a story. So use your experiences, knowledge and heart to tell yours. As teachers, we are always students, a continuous circle of giving and receiving. It is our right to enrich the lives of others through story, through leadership and example. -Raven

With that said, let compassion be your guide and guru! And let the muse within rise…

Make Your Mark Matter,
T. Raven Meyers

Volunteerism | Education | Women’s Rights | Indigenous Medicine Preservation

Matteo & I have been involved in global volunteerism for the past twenty years. Working in humanitarian, environmental, animal welfare and educational foundations. For the past few years we have had the honor of working with His Holiness the Dalai Lama & the Office of Tibet, as well as the Palmo Center for Peace and Education, promoting the benefits of educating the heart and mind through conscious living, compassionate mindfulness and giving. Matteo has built temples, and sacred spaces for our beloved teachers and dharma community, as well as construction and park management for foundations like the Elephant Nature Park , in Chiang Mai, Thailand to name a few.

I continue to volunteer my skills in family practice, disaster relief, marketing & outreach to dharma foundations, women’s rights and global wellness foundations around the world digitally, as well as physically.

We teach our children to give for the sake of giving as it relates to life, and the well-being of others. Although we follow a Buddhist path and philosophy, we know that love is the best medicine, and love is universal.

When you give of yourself fully, you will be a mirror of compassion for others. We do our best to give our sons a global experience and support their growth on the path of a mindful little being.

The Foundations We Give To

A percentage of our sales from our educational products & services support these causes close to our hearts.

Autism Speaks


Palmo Center for Peace & Education


Save Elephant Foundation


A Little Love & Testimonial

“Raven was able to capture me in a way I have not been able to do for myself. I felt too close to the source to create my own branding and I needed someone to tap into me, know me and create a branding piece I could use in going forward with my business. T Raven Meyers knocked this out of the ball park. She is a creative genius and I am thrilled to continue my journey with her on my team.”

Chalice Savage • Photographer

“T. Raven is a true healer. She is an embodiment of compassion and kindness. She is also profoundly skilled and deeply trained in a number of healing modalities. She is a vessel of love, and creativity”

Scott Whittaker • Island Therapies (Psychotherapy)

“Raven has a very special gift of designing with heart and soul. She helped to weave together my passion for therapy with a touch of the spiritual foundations of mindfulness and compassion. I absolutely love my Lamplight Therapy branding and website she designed and it was fun and awe-inspiring working with her!”

Antra Renault, MSW• Lamplight Therapies (Family Counseling)

“Working with T. Raven was one of the most rewarding experiences of my professional life. It’s not often you find a leader that is committed not only to the success of the project, but also the personal success of each of the team members. With a heart as big as her dreams the constant commitment to service she dedicates to each venture is inspiring.”

Teresa Rusin• Cowan & Associates