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(Nomadism) 14 Non-Tech Digital Nomad Jobs

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Digital nomadism is on the rise, and a trending lifestyle choice for families and hipsters alike. But many of us started out as bohemian nomads, fulfilling the wanderlust within. My journey started in disaster relief and moved into non-profit and volunteerism. So don't fret! You don't need to have a masters in

How To Thrive With The Da Vinci Syndrome; Rising As an ‘Everythingpreneur’

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Okay the Da Vinci Syndrome isn’t a sickness, it’s more of an urban term for mindful creatives who visualize faster than they can implement, or have multi-passionate ideas or projects.Those of you that know me will most likely be shaking your head yes as a witness to this condition within me, that’s great,

Memoirs of a Tsunami Volunteer, and A Path of Social Change

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Memoirs of A Tsunami Volunteer On December 26, 2004 I was in Bangkok, Thailand volunteering with a Thai humanitarian foundation called Carpe Diem. We were touring through The Royal Grand Palace with young children from Roi Et, a province in the Northern Mountains of Thailand. Carpe Diem was co-founded by my