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[Getting Squared] How To Create Viral ‘Square Videos’ for Your Digital Storytelling

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So now it’s time to get squared. A trend yes, but also for functionality right? A mobile friendly way to express your digital story. For many of you, this can be a frustrating task! Especially when you don’t know where to start, are intimidated by the tech

8 Tips On How To Optimize Your Blog, Message, & Digital Story

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As an entrepreneur, business, or creative, we know that content writing is not only competitive, but time consuming. We all have a message. We all have a story to tell. But what makes it powerful, is how we convey that digital storytelling to our audience, and the mark we

The Top Presentation and Storytelling Tools for 2018

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The Top Presentation and Storytelling Tools for 2018  Tips For YouTubers, Producers, Creatives & More!   Digital and visual storytelling are powerful tools in the learning industry.   As an instructional designer and educator, it is important for me to be current with up and coming presentation and design

(Instagram Hacks) How To Master and Manage Your Instagram Account from Your Computer

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"Oh yes Instagrammers. This is for real! And don’t we all love an epic #instagramhack" Instagram is my number one social media platform. As an artist and educational technologist, I feel that I’m able to reach my market of visual learners in a meaningful way, as well as build a

10 Benefits to Hosting a Webinar for Your Business

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Most have you have heard of webinars, are hosting webinars, or wanting to learn how to create your first webinar for your business, product, or course. We are visually stimulated beings, so webinars are a must have within your digital marketing strategy. Another way to reach your audience, and reach all the adult learning

17 Graphic Design APPS for Social Media and Digital Marketing

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Modern technology within the design world has really opened doors for me as an artist. With graphic design apps, I’m able to snap, draw, and create on the fly from my ipad, or mobile device.

Healing Through Your Art, Through Emotional Imagery

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Healing Through Your Art, Through Emotional Imagery Today during my morning meditation, I asked for guidance around my creative and spiritual artistry, as well as the courage to show up in the world, from my soul's awareness. Although this awareness has often kept me in the shadows, kept me quiet, and kept me hidden

17 PowerPoint Templates for Your Digital Storytelling and Instructional Design

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There is a growing rise in course, presentation and webinar design. PowerPoint is the leading program for creating professional and memorable slides. Whatever field or industry you are in, a high school biology teacher, safety and compliance manager, or an entrepreneur, you need to present your story, vision and message in an inviting and