(Nomadism) 14 Non-Tech Digital Nomad Jobs

Digital nomadism is on the rise, and a trending lifestyle choice for families and hipsters alike. But many of us started out as bohemian nomads, fulfilling the wanderlust within. My journey started in disaster relief and moved into non-profit and volunteerism. So don’t fret! You don’t need to have a masters in computer science or a background in web design. The goal is to match your abilities with the need so you can thrive. I have been living a nomadic life since 2002, and a digital nomad since 2010. So within that journey I have worked in several professions that gave me the opportunity to travel, grow and enrich my life. With that said, below I have created a list of 14 non-tech professions, and hope this inspires you to take a chance on your dreams, your talents, and offerings.

Digital nomadism is about freedom, and for me, it’s about teaching and giving, so align with your talents and set fourth into new adventures! Where ever you go in this amazing world of ours, do your best to make your mark matter in all areas of your life, and give of yourself willingly for the sake of others.

So What is a Digital Nomad?

A digital nomad is someone who prefers a lifestyle that accommodates frequent travel and consistent work at the same time. The professions that typically allow for this lifestyle were tech jobs, but now almost every field allows for digital nomad work. Many digital nomads are just starting their own companies, others are successfully running their companies from anywhere with an Internet connection. There are many jobs in the fields of marketing, web development, web design, and web sales, but there’s also room for independent contract opportunities in almost any field.

And What is a Non-Tech Digital Nomad?

Non-tech Digital nomad professions all share common skills and practices necessary to run a successful business or make a living. Those skills required no matter the field are organization, communication, motivation, and discipline to balance the feeling of being on vacation with that of a business professional.

14 Non-Tech Job Professions for the Seekers of Freedom & Cultural Experiences


Great opportunities abroad merge the digital nomad lifestyle and working in the hospitality industry. This is especially great for those looking to broaden their experience and expertise as a chef or someone with a background in restaurant, or hotel management. Living abroad doesn’t have to include working at a resort for little money and long hours. There are amazing opportunities in Asia and South America, as well as Bangkok, the Philippines, and Cambodia. Locations like these are great hotspots for those looking to learn the field, and can be a good experience for those questioning if this field is where they want to devote their time.  I was raised within the world of hospitality, my father being a master chef, and owning restaurants was an incredible learning experience. I personally feel this is a great starting point for a non-tech nomad, and many of these working opportunities have amazing benefit packages as well as the possibility of re-location to beautiful sacred islands and resorts.

Digital Nomad Jobs


Working with a non-profit as a digital nomad provides opportunities to work with companies outside of your home base. This is a great fit for those with skills that can benefit developing cultures and those with global initiatives. Other opportunities with non-profits include teaching abroad and developing infrastructure. Digital nomads interested in this field should look into The Volunteer Traveler’s Handbook, which is a well-known resource for getting started. There are so many opportunities in foundation work, depending on your finances and what the organization offers, you can volunteer 100% in exchange for room/board/internship. As a digital nomad and the growing tech industry, there are more opportunities and job possibilities in the non-profit world. So find a foundation or cause you resonate with, and apply.  My family and I have re-located to several remote places in northern Thailand, and it was paid for by the foundation. You are talented! So align with your talents as a teacher, administrative support, volunteer or advocate. There is a place for you!

Fitness and personal wellness

One of the most flexible fields for digital nomads is fitness and personal wellness. Both personal training and coaching can be done digitally now, increasing the customer base for this field as well as flexibility for the nomad. Within fitness and personal wellness are sub-fields like personal development, psychology, fitness, nutrition, and yoga. All the consulting, meetings, and client maintenance can be done online. This is a field where certification is required, and nomads will be responsible for their own client base, but it is flexible enough that you could have online services and also host live classes or education in remote locations throughout your travels.

Life coach/consultant

Digital nomads who want the freedom of working online but still want a personal connection and love helping people, may be suited to work as a life coach or life consultant. This is a field that can fall into a specific niche based on experience, or remain broad and open. There are successful coaches in business relations and communication, as well as personal life coaching. With this field it’s important to be yourself and stand out with what makes you special. This is also a competitive field, so make sure you are transparent in your offerings and be authentic in your services to others in the way of a life and business consultant.

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Travel expert

One amazing aspect of the digital nomad life is being able to travel almost whenever the mood strikes. Working as a travel expert is a great way to use your love of travel to make money and support your adventures. A travel expert helps others travel by sharing their experience and tips they’ve learned along the way. This can be shared through a blog, a travel guide, a newsletter, or a combination of all three. There is a balance between free content and monetization, both of which drive profits and a viewer base. Another great opportunity as a travel expert is partnerships with businesses, like airline travel and accommodations, which will make traveling a bit easier and provide content for your business. Travel bloggers and experts are on the rise, and become quite successful with sponsorships and affiliate marketing.

Personal assistant

Another option for those looking for mobile work and are skilled in communication and organization, is a virtual personal assistant. This opportunity manages digital office components like administration, travel arrangements, finances, management for busy clients or new businesses. The great part about the job is that it can be done from anywhere with an Internet connection and provides an opportunity to work with a single client or a whole office depending on the situation.


Most entrepreneurs don’t want to have to meet in person to handle mundane tasks, which means the field of accounting is more mobile than it once was. Those that like numbers and are certified in accounting will only need a laptop and phone to conduct business in any location. This is great for those who want to work with a variety of clients, provide excellent customer service, and like to communicate quickly.

Matchmaking service

A matchmaking service doesn’t have to strictly focus on dating. Recently, matchmaking principles have been applied to any tech that requires matching a business or service to an individual. This can be run from anywhere, freeing up a service to have remote clients and employees. An example of this is Zintro, a company that matches experts for projects. Clients submit a project and applicants apply with a bid and their qualifications. Everything happens online and this allows experts to be hired quickly, and projects to completed with top-notch information.

Tech support & Customer support

Technical support is a well-known remote position, but this field is growing even further with companies operating fully remotely, with no physical office. Anyone with experience in the technical support field would do well in this position, from running their own tech support company to working with one. This field grows through customer referrals and provides communication, customer service, and help 24/7.

Customer Support

This is another known remote position, but it can be very rewarding especially to those who care about customers, customer satisfaction, and enjoy talking with people on a daily basis. There are opportunities to work in customer support with start-ups, and it can be a great way to provide quality customer care early on in their company. Amazon and like companies often hire nomadic positions in technical and customer support.

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Content curator

Creating content, writing articles for blogs, newsletters, ad copy and websites, is a very popular digital nomad field to work in. People in this field write all sorts of content from newsletter articles or blurbs, emails, website articles and even podcast content. Writing provides an opportunity for many individuals from different backgrounds to use their expertise and help create useful content.

Editorial services

Along with content creator, another active digital nomad position in an editor. Providing editorial services can be done from anywhere and uses skills like grammar application, reading, writing, and reviewing. Editors either edit by hand or use a software program to auto edit the content. Rates can be decided based on project difficulty and not necessarily word count or length. A great place to look for these types of jobs is through Wordy.

Digital marketing and PR

Those with a background in marketing and publicity will enjoy this remote opportunity. Even digital nomads can be part of a team and may even find they’re more productive as they travel because there’s fewer in person meetings, which allows team members more time to focus on their tasks and meet deadlines. In this field it’s important to make sure clients feel comfortable with the nomad lifestyle and that there’s plenty of communication. A rising profession among digital hipsters.

Web designer

Web design is also a great digital nomad opportunity because all most designers’ need is a laptop, hard drive, and an Internet connection. It’s important to have a solid website to showcase your skills and market yourself. Coding isn’t as important as it once was in this field, and can either be learned or delegated to another coder. Creativity is most important, and being able to travel will only enhance the creative juices. Focus on quality of work, creativity, personality, and custom designs in addition to customer service. *You can outsource the programming and focus on design, content and layout.

So there are a few non-tech jobs for those of you seeking a digital nomad lifestyle. You can also find a large array of job opportunities on Nomads List.

Like I said, you don’t have to be a tech savvy to thrive abroad.  There are many resources out there, so do your research, highlight your talents and pave a path towards being an online entrepreneur or working for a company or foundation that allows you to work remotely.  Here are a few resources for you!

Resources For Jobs:

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Life as a nomad is amazing. There are no true words to express the experiences as well as the spiritual growth. We are meant to travel, and to absorb other cultures. But, the life of a nomad comes with difficulties. Not everyone can survive abroad. So make sure you do your research, you have travel insurance, and all the legal documents needed to visit, work and go to school overseas.  It’s worth the time investigating the politics, cultures as well as being up to date with what outbreaks and diseases are dominant in that particular country. I always check with the CDC.  With that said, travel often, and with heart open wide!

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