How To Thrive With The Da Vinci Syndrome; Rising As an ‘Everythingpreneur’

Okay the Da Vinci Syndrome isn’t a sickness, it’s more of an urban term for mindful creatives who visualize faster than they can implement, or have multi-passionate ideas or projects.Those of you that know me will most likely be shaking your head yes as a witness to this condition within me, that’s great, I won’t judge!

I’ve empathized with the Da Vinci syndrome/condition when I struggle around my vision, mission or brand storytelling. I’ve never been able to nail down one thing, one path, one dream. I want, and continue to pursue them all.  I’m not going to lie, this way of living and thinking has led to some difficult situations, frustrations, and sleepless nights for me as an entrepreneur and mindful creative. Many of you artists and visionaries share the same struggle, and the struggle is real. With that said, I will share the experience of how I was able to combine my multi-passions into a career that mirrors my talents, and fulfills every area of my life.


Da Vinci Syndrome Definition

“Creative people often get more ideas and visions faster than they can implement them, making them unable to complete a project before rushing off to the next

The Da Vinci Syndrome is named for Leonardo Da Vinci who is a prime example of this habit with starting more projects than he ever finished.”

For Those of You Who Don’t Know Who Da Vinci is, Shame on you! Just kidding..

Leonardo Da Vinci is an inspiration for entrepreneurs, visionaries, inventors, scientists, mathematicians, writers, artists and engineers. He himself was a multi-passionate creative. And allowed his mind to receive creative and innovative messages. He is considered a universal genius, the renaissance man.

“Today, Leonardo is widely considered one of the most diversely talented individuals ever to have lived.”

How Has the Da Vinci Syndrome Affected Me and My Business?

My parents were defined in their professions, my mother in accounting, my father a master chef. I was always a whimsical artist and healer, and followed my incurable wanderlust around the world. I am grateful that my parents never pushed me in any particular direction, they allowed me to flow with my creative heart and mind.  My sisters are both in successful positions, and businesses, and I feel the freedom our parents gave us to flourish, truly allowed us to not only find our passion within, but to truly live within the dream we created for ourselves.

With my own children, I encourage them to have experiences vs. things. That is why we have lived and served abroad, and my husband and I continue to feed their creativity through real life experiences and adventures.  The Da Vinci Syndrome usually relates to creatives and innovators that are unable to finish projects.  And every artist knows that your sculpture, your painting, your piece is never truly finished. So with that understanding, I changed my mindset. I knew that being a whimsical creative was who I was at my core, but I also knew that I had to complete each project to succeed.

MCAT Test Prep | NCLEX Test Prep | Ap Biology Prep | AP Psychology PrepAfter working with a client who taught me how to bet on myself, we became business partners. With a few years of designing, strategizing and building, I released the first ever video game test prep app for premed, nursing and high school AP called Scrub Ninjas® in 2016. 

The Da Vinci consciousness within me merged my love of the graphic arts and illustration, programming and education technology into one amazing, and unique product. Boom! I had finished a bridge.  Now on to the next one.

This was a big win for me. I followed the flow of my inspiration, I was able to work with, and create with, a wicked team, and I spearheaded a project I felt was bigger than me.  I finally found a way to meld my love of all things into one, and that makes me an ‘everything-entrepreneur’ I learned in that moment that the fear of the unknown is a powerful medicine, and within that fear I grew, and I continue to grow. 

So Are you struggling with the same issues? Have you defined your niche? Or have you nailed it? Please share in the comments below.

If you have nailed it, then sweet! You are on your way towards greatness. If you are still figuring out how to identify with your dreams, or more so, how to align with your visions, then I have a few steps below that may help you on your path in life, and in business.

Firstly, you need to own who you are in this process. You will thrive when you align with your purpose. If you have amazing gifts, it’s time for you to share it. I had no idea, that my path in midwifery, women’s health, the divine arts, industrial design, visual communication, programming and business would lead to me creating educational apps and courses for students around the world.

I have several degrees, and preceptorships with healers and medical professionals, because those professions filled my soul. I will continue to study the divine arts, and the arts themselves, because I thrive when I learn, I thrive when I teach. So, know who you are, align and rise with knowing that your talents, your passions, your innovations will help others.  Maybe you are wanting to start your first food truck, if so let me know! Or you want to start your first online mommy blog. Whatever the dream, align with it and just do it! I have always found that when I work from the gut, from the soul, my path is clear.

Three Mindful Tips

#1 Align With Your Brand, Vision & Purpose

Align With Your Brand, Vision & PurposeHa! So, I’ve rebranded several times, because I was struggling with what I felt others perceived of me. I knew I wasn’t just a healer, I wasn’t just a mother, I was an artist, a designer, a digital nomad. But who is my market? Who is my perfect avatar? Who will listen?

When I got clear with what I saw within myself, and what my husband has always seen. It was an A-Ha moment.

Awaken the Muse Within. My brand. My digital storytelling. Spoke to me. I knew that within the name, and the brand, that I could reach my tribe in a meaningful way in relation to the design, visual communication, and the divine arts.

So, if you are multi-talented, or even singular. Just be YOU! You are your brand. Your tribe will grow when you are transparent in your mission, your voice, and your brand storytelling. If you have a love of cooking and are also a wicked seamstress, then blend those loves. Create courses, write a blog, create products for both industries. You are a visionary, now take it to the next level. Build it and they will come, right?

#2 Trust Yourself

Being an entrepreneur can suck, and in big ways. We hit walls, we have breakthroughs, we crash, we burn we rise again like a phoenix. But this path won’t be successful without trusting yourself, and your process. We are our worst critics, we are our worst enemy, so with that knowingness, put the love you have for others, your children, your people, into you. Put the trust you have in your mentors, your idols, into you.

If you can’t trust yourself in your business decisions, and branding, you won’t be transparent in your storytelling. So, find time to connect with yourself, soul to soul, heart to heart, build trust within the knowingness of who you are. This is real. You will succeed, when you visualize the awesomeness within. See your success, see and trust your path to prosperity in every area of your life. And most importantly, trust that you are in the right place to receive, to be acknowledged, to be seen. Just trust.

#3 Transparency & Your Story

To vibe with your tribe, you have to get real. Within our digital world, with what seems like endless competition, we need to show transparency, vulnerability, and the truth of who we are. We need to stand out and not be a shadow artist to others. Your story is yours, so tell it. Although many people may be in your industry, or niche’, nobody can tell your story like you. Your soul, your experience, your understanding, again.. this is your story.

As an extreme introvert, I had to allow myself to be vulnerable.  I knew that shameless marketing wasn’t who I was, I knew that bragging about money, and success and things, wouldn’t resonate with my word, or my tribe. I knew that cold selling and ‘you’ll make 7 figures in a year’ type of marketing was icky to me, and my people. I knew from my experience that kind of marketing left people feeling deflated, small and unreachable. I wanted to speak soul to soul, heart to heart and transform alongside others in a non-threatening way. Perhaps that way of selling made others rich quick, for me, I’m happy with the low and slow, soul to soul way. So, I can connect and serve others in a proper way. A way that felt good through and through. I knew I wanted to support my tribe in a way that would make them rise, vs. compare, shrink and doubt themselves.

So, I tell my story, as a living workshop of rising and burning, and rising again. When I teach, we get real.

I find that messages should be mindful, thoughtful and non-threatening. We want people to resonate with our story, we want our ‘avatar’ to resonate with our path, our struggle and our breakthroughs. How much you share is up to you.  

When we lead with our soul, our life itself transforms. When we are clear with our intentions, our story is not only seen and heard, but felt deeply by others. A true story telling from the heart. Within that alignment we can build our tribe, our brand and vision in a meaningful way.

So, join me, and let’s make our mark in this world matter, not only in our growth, but as teachers and innovators in service to others!

Da Vinci was my inspiration for writing today, but you all are my people. Whatever you do in life, just trust the process. And know that if you fall, you will rise stronger, and more courageous. The life of an entrepreneur has bumps, can massively suck, but is also the most rewarding. Just keep on keeping on, and stay aligned with who you are, what your vision is, and how you can share your digital storytelling in a meaningful way.

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