[FREE DOWNLOAD] 30 Designer Fonts For Your Visual Storytelling

For The Love of Typography!

30 Free Fonts | @travenmeyersI love typography art, and seriously crush on font artists, especially unique fonts for my digital and visual storytelling. I’m always on the hunt for designers that create type that supports my own art and vision.  

If you are a font designer, I’d love to review your fonts and support you! Please send me your goods! And I’ll review, and share with my design community and students!

Below I have put together a list of 30 beautiful and unique fonts, fonts for you to use in your social media design, marketing and creative endeavours. 

I have about 4,700 fonts in my collection, and encourage you as designers to build a font tool box to draw from. Font’s that help you express your written and visual word in a meaningful way. 

There are millions of fonts available online for free, but make sure you get the full font family version, many times free versions offer one character set vs. the whole meal deal.

Below I have created a list of 30 designer fonts to fit every emotion. Download the fonts and upload them to your device, design programs and hard drive. If you use Canva (online design program), you can upload these fonts to use through the application, and design on the fly!

YES PLEASE! Download Now!

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