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1In today’s world, regaining your focus and composure is a task easier said than done. There are limitless distractions, tasks and duties to be done before the clock hits 9:00 am. Waking the ninjas, tripping over Minecraft buddies, blending fruits and superfoods, putting on hoodies, caps and backpacks before flying out the door is a small yet significant factor that may turn me into a hot mess before lunch! Ommmmm….

As a mother, wife and entrepreneur I feel that finding the balance is necessary for my mental and physical well-being.  Hang tight, all is not lost! There is one thing that I’m confident will your hold your focus steady, and its mindful gaming.

Yes games!

Of course a lovely meditation, and yoga session will open and calm the mind, body and soul. But why not a little brain-candy afterwards? Or before. (You Candy-Crushers!)

By creating apps that integrate game-based learning mechanics in productive ways surely, the mind can be tricked into doing something along the lines which is fulfilling and incurs our curiosity.

This is gamification, a simple spice to awaken the senses. This is a learning of new skills and being efficient without additional stress. This is learning made fun and a way to solidify high yield facts, in a visually stimulating way.

Here are some of the ways you can awaken the mind with the use of gamification tools:

Play Brain-Teasing Games

There are many games available that promise to improve your IQ, your memory recall rate, and other cognitive skills. All of these tend to train your brain in a similar way. This can help you perform tasks as efficiently as possible, leaving you more free time for other things. Games like Luminosity, attempt to improve memory, attention, flexibility of thinking and processing speed. The goal of this game is to increase mental skills and progress over a period of time.

Play Positive Games

There are games that let you focus on the positive attributes more than the negative. By habitually training your brain to think this way, you can achieve the means to look for a silver lining in every situation. A game like Personal Zen can help you accomplish that. It involves hunting for a calm creature and an angry creature rustling through the grass with minimal stress or anxiety.

Play Memory Boosting Games

Want to achieve a photographic memory? You need to play games that rely on spaced repetition. This can aid you in remembering everything, from phone numbers to facts and figures. This isn’t just about numbers though as these facts can give you more context and meaning. Games, such as Eidetic, can help you enhance your long-term memory and fight attention deficit disorder.

These are some of the ways gamification can help you stimulate the mind. And not just that, they can also heighten your true potential by relaxing and sharpening at the same time.

Give them a try because I guarantee there’s no going back once you have discovered the world of gamified apps which make life a little more interesting and fulfills your digital senses. Again, awakening the mind with gamification! Have fun!

With Respects & Gratitude, Soul 2 Soul

T. Raven


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