17 Graphic Design APPS for Social Media and Digital Marketing

Modern technology within the design world has really opened doors for me as an artist. With graphic design apps, I’m able to snap, draw, and create on the fly from my ipad, or mobile device.

Before the boom in graphic design applications, I was anchored to my desk, or laptop when it came to developing, and creating projects, or websites.

Today my design toolbox is much lighter, and versatile. I can now create, or finalized my creative projects, edit my videos, and photos, all from my mobile device.

Mobile apps allow me to have the freedom I need to design on the fly wherever I may be in the world.  We are all searching for ways to optimize, and maximize in our lives, whether it is around balancing our family or school schedule, or simply finding more time for ourselves.

Modern technology has fulfilled many woes in my life, especially in the ways of media. 

I’m able to do this because of Adobe.

Adobe products allow me to flow all programs into one workspace!

When I teach my design students online as well as live, it’s a requirement that they have Adobe Creative Cloud.

So What is Adobe?

Adobe Systems is a multinational software development company. A company that creates multimedia and creative software products.

The Infamous Adobe Products:

Graphic design software
Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, Adobe InDesign, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat

Web design programs
Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Contribute, Adobe Muse, Adobe Flash Builder, Adobe Flash, and Adobe Edge

Video editing and visual effects
Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe Premiere Elements, Adobe After Effects, Adobe Prelude, Adobe Spark Video

Audio editing software
Adobe Audition

eLearning software
Adobe Captivate, Adobe Presenter, Video Express, and Adobe Connect (also a webconferencing platform)

Digital Marketing Management Software
Adobe Marketing Cloud, Adobe Experience Manager (AEM 6.2), Mixamo

Server software
Adobe ColdFusion, Adobe Content Server and Adobe LiveCycle Enterprise Suite, Adobe BlazeDS

In my world, I would be in a dark cave, without these programs. I use Adobe Creative Suite to run my marketing, gaming, and design business. I’ve been using Adobe products since 2000, when I first started attending the Art Institutes.

My first degree is in Industrial Design Technology, my second in Advertising and my masters is in Web and Media so I guess that gives my age away!For most artists, photographers and creatives, it’s a go-to toolbox.

As a design student, I learned very quickly how to master software programs like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Premier, alongside that I wasGraphic design apps | Photography APP | Instagram App using 3D software programs like Solidworks and CAD.

Back in my day Adobe products were EXPENSIVE! Many times I had to go in with two or three of my classmates to cover the costs, and we pooled money to share studio space so we could design and share tools and products.

Now Adobe offers Adobe Creative Cloud, as a monthly or yearly subscription. The young hipsters of the world are blessed! And now so am I! With Creative Cloud there are constant updates to keep your software current, where as in the past you had to pay for upgrades!

Adobe Creative Cloud program has desktop applications as well as mobile applications, all for the same price.

Let me break it down for you and give you the details about Adobe CC.

What is Adobe Creative Cloud?

Creative Cloud gives you the entire collection of Adobe desktop and mobile apps, from essentials like Photoshop to innovative new tools like Adobe XD. You also get built-in templates to jump-start your designs and step-by-step tutorials to help you get up to speed quickly and sharpen your skills. It′s your entire creative world, all in one place.

The world-class design tools in Creative Cloud give you everything you need to make anything you can dream up. Combine images into incredible composites. Design logos, posters, brochures, and entire branding systems. And use  mobile apps to sketch, draw, and create layouts wherever you’re inspired.

Discover the Creative Cloud experience!

Adobe offers a variety of plans for individuals, students, businesses and educational institutions. You can choose to pay a monthly plan or annual plan.

If you choose the monthly-annual plan, you need to keep a 12 month payment schedule otherwise you will be accountable for the months you owe if you cancel early. (FYI). I do the monthly-annual ‘ALL APPS + Stock Image plan.

Just do your research, and choose a plan that fits your needs and comfort. For some, the annual plan works because of the savings. And for many, the monthly plan works out perfectly, especially for students and entrepreneurs.

*Remember, when you pay for the Creative Cloud you get the mobile apps! You need to be a subscriber to access the apps. When you download, you will be asked to sign in with your Adobe account information.

Here is a break down of plans for individuals, businesses, students and universities!


Image Source | Adobe.Com

Creative Cloud for teams. Get apps like Photoshop CC and Illustrator CC for your business or department plus an easy-to-use license management console and instant asset syncing across devices.

Image Source | Adobe.Com

Creative Cloud for education is an affordable licensing option available for small workgroups, departments, classrooms and labs – or even entire institutions.

Creative Cloud for education is an affordable licensing option available for small work groups, departments, classrooms and labs – or even entire institutions.

Okay, now that the financials are out of the way, here is what you get!! Remember, if you can only afford one desktop app, it’s paired with others! The photography plan for $9.99 comes with two photography apps for editing and creating.

Your subscriptions also come with an online portfolio, online storage and more. Please take advantage of these tools, and the community. I love my Adobe community, and have met so many amazing artists, producers and creatives. Share your work, ask for support, and give support!

Great ideas can happen anywhere. With Adobe mobile apps, great work can too.

Sketch, draw, paint, create layouts, edit photos, and make videos with Adobe’s family of mobile apps. With Adobe CreativeSync, all your apps and assets are connected across your desktop and mobile devices, so you can do great work anywhere.

Design and Illustration Apps | Graphic Design Apps @travenmeyers

Create layouts and draw expressively on your mobile devices, and even preview mobile designs on devices.

Adobe Capture Mobile App | Graphic Design Apps @travenmeyers
#1 Adobe Capture CC (iTunes/Google Play)

Turn any image into a color theme, pattern, unique brush, Look, or vector graphic that you can use in your creative projects on desktop and mobile devices.

Adobe Photoshop Sketch Mobile APP | Graphic Design App @travenmeyers
#2 Adobe Photoshop Sketch (iTunes/Google Play)

Photoshop Sketch lets you create expressive drawings anywhere using natural drawing tools like pencils, pens, markers, and watercolor brushes to get all the textures and blending effects you’d get on paper.

Adobe Illustrator Draw App | Graphic Design APP @travenmeyers
#3 Adobe Illustrator Draw (iTunes/Google Play)

Create beautiful free-form vector designs on your mobile device with Illustrator Draw, the app that lets you turn your ideas into production-quality artwork wherever inspiration strikes.

Adobe Comp CC App | Graphic Design APP @travenmeyers
#4 Adobe Comp CC (iTunes/Google Play)

Real layouts. Real fast.

Create layouts on your phone or tablet using natural drawing gestures. Comp CC converts your rough shapes and lines into crisp graphics. Pull in vector shapes, images, colors, and text styles from your Adobe Creative Cloud Libraries and professional fonts from Adobe Typekit, and send your comps to Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, or Muse to finish on your desktop.

Adobe Experience CC APP | Web Design APP @travenmeyers

#5 Adobe Experience Design CC (Beta) (iTunes/Google Play)
Design. Prototype. Share. All in one app.

Go from idea to prototype faster with Experience Design CC (Beta), the first all-in-one cross-platform tool for designing and prototyping websites and mobile apps. Test-drive the beta and watch the video to see how we’re evolving XD to bring you exciting new ways to collaborate and deliver a whole new experience in user experience.

Adobe Spark Page APP | @travenmeyers

#6 Adobe Spark Page (iTunes)

Create beautiful web pages in moments using the Adobe Spark APP, create web stories, and professional layouts from your mobile device. Create glideshows for social media and marketing promotions, with a magazine style layout, from your phone!!

Adobe Spark Post APP | Social Media APPs @travenmeyers

#7 Adobe Spark Post (iTunes)

Design engaging and powerful social media posts with this epic Adobe app. Choose from premade templates, beautiful graphics and fonts, and post immediately to your social media profiles. A great tool for marketers, and people who love to share their digital story! A fantastic tool for all of you Instagram lovers…

Adobe Premier Clip APP | Video Editing Apps @travenmeyers

#8 Adobe Premiere Clip (iTunes/Google Play)
Small-screen video editing. Big-screen results.

Create and edit amazing videos right on your mobile device with Adobe Premiere Clip. Then send your work to Premiere Pro CC on your desktop to refine it with the same video tools used by professionals.

Photography Apps

Bring the power of Adobe digital imaging to your mobile devices, with full Photoshop and Lightroom compatibility.

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom App | Photography Apps @travenmeyers

#9 Adobe Photoshop Lightroom (iTunes/Google Play)
Your photography is going places.

Craft and share pro-quality images from your smartphone or tablet using simple yet powerful tools built with Adobe Photoshop technology. Perfect your shots in a tap with more than 40 presets. Experiment with color, adjust clarity, and add vignettes. You can even connect to other Adobe apps like Photoshop Fix to retouch and refine your work.

Adobe Photography Mix App | Photography Apps @travenmeyers

#10 Adobe Photoshop Mix (iTunes/Google Play)

Get the app that brings serious Photoshop editing to your mobile device. Photoshop Mix lets you cut out and combine elements from different images, blend layers and apply looks on your iPhone, iPad or Android device — all compatible with Photoshop CC.

Adobe Photoshop Fix App | Photography Apps @travenmeyers

#11 Adobe Photoshop Fix (iTunes/Google Play)
Powerful retouching. At a touch.

With new Photoshop Fix on your iPhone, iPad or iPad Pro, you can liquify, heal, lighten, color and adjust your images to perfection — then easily share them across other Adobe Creative Cloud desktop and mobile apps.

Adobe Photoshop Express App | Photography Apps @travenmeyers

#12 Photoshop Express (iTunes/Google Play)

Touch your way to better-looking pictures with automatic fixes and filters. Get your pictures to pop! And after sharing, you’ll be the talk of your friends.

Photo Editing App @travenmeyers

#13 Photo Editor by Aviary (iTunes/Google Play)

Aviary is a mobile photo editing app that gives you dozens of ways to enhance, accessorize and apply unique effects in a single tap, and then share your creations instantly with friends.

Showcase and discover creative work and connect with the creative community.

Portfolio Apps | Graphic Design

#14 Behance App (iTunes/Google Play)

Discover the World’s Best Creative Work from Top Creatives & People You Know

#15 Behance Display App (iTunes & Google Play) 

Showcase Your Behance Portfolio Anywhere, Even Without an Internet Connection. Portfolio and creative community at your fingertips.

Adobe Create Magazine | Magazine for Designers

#16 Adobe Creative Magazine (iTunes)

Adobe Create magazine (formerly known as Adobe Inspire magazine) is by, for, and about creative people. We bring you video and text profiles of innovative creative professionals working in graphic design, illustration, photography, film and video, type, and more. We explore their processes and show you how they make amazing work. We also venture into the wild side of creativity with content like our WTFIT column.

Adobe Creative Suite APP

#17 Adobe Creative Cloud APP (iTunes/Google Play)

Creativity anywhere
Easily access everything you need to create — from assets to learning content — anywhere you are.

So there you have it! Adobe Creative Cloud and all of it’s goodies. You can see through my visuals the beauty of these programs. Must have apps for all of you designers, marketers and mindful creatives.

I love designing, be it through graphic illustration, game design or film,.. I’m devoted to it. Adobe products allow me to flourish and thrive in my industry. I just wanted you to be able to get your hands on these products, and build up your portfolios, create epic products, or reach a larger audience through your visual and digital storytelling.

With that said, make your mark matter in this world! Share and show your story.

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