Healing Through Your Art, Through Emotional Imagery

Today during my morning meditation, I asked for guidance around my creative and spiritual artistry, as well as the courage to show up in the world, from my soul’s awareness.

Although this awareness has often kept me in the shadows, kept me quiet, and kept me hidden from my own light, I know it’s my own physical mind that keeps me prisoner. 

I also know how we are the ones who get in our own way, and become an obstacle to our greatness.

This is the path, how we choose to move forward takes courage, and faith, and for me, a spiritual artistry.

A deep soul to soul communication that pushes me with the fierceness of Kali-Ma, the compassionate reckoning of Kuan Yin, and the mindful mothering of ताराtārā the Bodhisattva.  

I personally feel that art comes in all forms, and comes from the soul. That is my experience and perspective.

It’s a way for us as individuals to bring forth our power, our darkness, and the nasty and angelic bits that define us. @travenmeyers

Finding a way to be defined in a visually obsessed world can be terrifying.

But… with knowing this, I can slowly cut the head off of my fears, and walk into the light knowing that I am showing up and making my mark matter in a way that will benefit others, my family, my community, and myself in a loving way.

This is an alignment and  transparency that has taken me 43 years to breakthrough, transform and rise up to.

With that said,.. I want to introduce to you an incredible ‘soulful’ artist

Giving him a title as a photographer, doesn’t quite capture the essence of his gift, the gift of giving, and of the receiving as I witness his sacred art.

I came across a video, more so a testimonial of a human experience, when I was looking for tutorials within Adobe Creative Cloud.

(I’m an Adobe Junkie, what can I Say!)

I have recently, introduced my oldest son to photography on a deeper level, and given him a digital camera.  

I noticed this weekend when we were picking chanterelles, within the forests of the Pacific Northwest… that the physical hiking bothered him. Being on the autism spectrum can be challenging or an advantage, how you choose to understand and identify is up to you, for me as his mama, I see it as a spiritual and creative advantage. 

Regardless, I noticed that the godlike fingers of the light that slightly kissed each tree, each living thing…, captured him, he was swaying like the wind, and would slowly close his eyes, opening them and smiling. I enjoyed this, and also felt like I was intruding on this human experience…

I then slowly, and quietly,  took the camera from around my neck and gave it to him.

He was shocked, and resisted, knowing that I’m very careful with my equipment.

And then I said,

“Babe, show me what you see.”

And in a usually quite, non-verbal moment, he became overly talkative, and excited, and ran off into the woods, beyond the path, into the wild.

You see,.. My son sees spirit in all things.

He has the ability to see sickness, dis-ease, and imbalance in others.  As well as the ability to see beauty, and artistry in things we would consider ordinary.

I have now found a way to bring him into a new environment that tends to overstimulate his senses, with a new found passion.

So, this takes me back to why I was searching through Adobe. I am inspired by my son, and now teaching him Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, so that he can learn to craft on his own, on the computer or his mobile device. 

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I was in the middle of compiling videos for him, when I came across:

Adobe Creative Cloud ‘Make It’ Series with Josh Haftel (Sr. Product Manager at ADOBE) 

Ryan Muirhead: Conveying Difficult Life Experiences Through Emotional Imagery

Published on Sep 12, 2017

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I like to support and highlight other creatives, artists and soulpreneurs! Do your part and reach out. 

Connect with Ryan Here:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ghostshaped
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ryanmuirhead…
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ryanmuirhead/
Website: http://ryanmuirhead.com/

Connect with Josh Here: Photographer, product manager, epicurean, traveler.
Twitter: https://twitter.com/joshhaftel
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/jhaftel
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/joshhaftel/
Website: http://www.joshhaftel.com 

Ryan shared his talent to create beautiful photography through having soul to soul connections with his subjects. Exposing his ability to be vulnerable, and the openness to receive. Creating an environment for others to respond in the same way.

Ryan Muirhead @travenmeyers

Image Source: www.ryanmuirhead.com

His human experiences became a visual storytelling, capturing intimate moments of his own life, and using photography as a medium to express himself emotionally, and spiritually.

What I love most about his interview was that he went against the stream by truly aligning with the artist within.   In a feeling way, completely inspired, and present.

I feel that he is able to capture these sacred moments because he doesn’t frame out, or over produce the experience. He allows a more organic, and emotional environment that creates a sanctuary for the individual or subjects in his images.  

Ryan also give examples of how he overcame personal obstacles, and how he was able to rise in his industry on his terms. 

His community connect with him because of the rawness of his gift. I am crushing on his artistry due to his ability to give us a glimpse into the fragile but meaningful lives of others.

Again, a witnessing.

When I saw the interview today, I went to his website, and experienced a similar feeling that I do as a midwife.

A humility.

In birth, there is this moment of universal love, an awakening, a purity.

And being in service to women and families within that journey is humbling, so much that you want to avert your eyes.

I tell my midwifery preceptor time and time again, how I feel unworthy of being present at births, because of the sacredness of the souls, and children entering the world, especially when you are not the one birthing them.

And she reassures me, that, that is why we midwife.

Knowing the humility, and respecting the sacred.

That is how I felt looking at the images Ryan has of children, and his portfolio.

So,.. I have introduced you to Ryan, although I have never met him, I show a deep gratitude towards his art, his storytelling and vision. I feel blessed to have crossed digital pathways with Ryan, and will continue to watch and support him as he brings love at a higher level to all of humanity. Thank you, thank you, thank you… 

With deep gratitude,

T. Raven Meyers


Image Source: www.ryanmuirhead.com 

You Tube: Adobe Creative Cloud Channel

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