(Instagram Hacks) How To Master and Manage Your Instagram Account from Your Computer

“Oh yes Instagrammers. This is for real! And don’t we all love an epic #instagramhack”

Instagram is my number one social media platform.

As an artist and educational technologist, I feel that I’m able to reach my market of visual learners in a meaningful way, as well as build a following of ‘like’ people who can benefit from one another, through our adventures, support, and spiritual artistry.

Instagram Hacks with Raven Meyers @travenmeyers

We all want to thrive on Instagram, whether you are a globe trotter fulfilling your wanderlust, a stay at home mom sharing posts and tips on parenting, or just love the community of artists, photographers, and everyday people, Instagram is your thing.

I’m sure you agree that it is a pain in the ass to type out your 30 max hashtags, and manage your Instagram campaign from your smartphone or mobile device, I know it is for me!

Instagram Hacks | @travenmeyers

So I have put together a list of Instagram hacks to make your Instagramming more pleasurable as you master your feed on the fly!

Now I will go over the apps and tools needed to master this ominous task! Don’t forget to follow me for more Instagram hacks, and design tools! @travenmeyers

I love my iPhone, i’m sure many of us have an intimate love-hate relationship with our phones, however I do 90% of my work on my computer. Nothing annoys me more than marketing from my iPhone or iPad as a designer. I want tools that allow me to develop my brand in a visually stimulating and meaningful way, and with ease. 

With that said, here are some quick ways to enhance your Instagram marketing, as well as save time.

Websta for Instagram (Windows/Mac/Linux)

Company Information CLICK HERE
Price: FREE with In-Store Purchase

What is Websta for Instagram?

Websta for Instagram is a web extension and mobile app for Instagram use and marketing from your personal computer or mobile device. (Android Only)

This extension has a very low CPU/RAM/Bandwidth consumption, which is important for producers and designers like me who have multiple programs running at one time. It also creates a sidebar option, and can be added to your task-bar.


-Access and edit your profile
-Upload photos and Instagram stories
-Comment, share and repost
-Sidebar window option (creates a sidebar on desktop screen)
-Auto start option when you open browser
-Change between Instagram and Facebook Messenger

 Example: A Screenshot of my Websta Instagram Account @travenmeyers

Instagram Hacks | @travenmeyers Make Your Mark Matter

*When I use Websta, I use the program in full screen mode, like the screenshot above. At the top you can see the task-bar which is where you can do your Instagram interaction. You can edit your profile right from this page as if you were in Instagram on your smart phone. When you minimize the screen it moves to the right of your desktop as a sidebar widget. Love it! 

View How It Works!


Install Websta! Installation Links:

Chrome (Windows) CLICK HERE
Opera (Mac) CLICK HERE

Desktop Applications for Instagram @travenmeyers

Instagram Hacks with Grum @travenmeyers Make Your Mark Matter

Grum (Instagram Scheduler)

Company Information LinkCLICK HERE
Price: Free 3-Day Trial Then it’s only $9.95 USD for 2 accounts (combo); $3.95 USD for 3-5 accounts (each); $2.95 USD for 6+ accounts (each) per month.

Summary: Grum is an Instagram scheduler. From your computer you can pre-schedule your Instagram posts and videos! Some influencers that you may know that use this application are Entrepreneur.com, Neil Patel, TNW and Sumo. Grum scheduler is a great way for you to do your digital marketing from one place. Craft your Instagram posts and videos and upload instantly or schedule for the future.


-Schedule and Post Immediately 
-Edit Images: Crop, Add Text, Modify, Add Emojis 
-Upload and Crop Videos

Example via my Instagram profile @travenmeyers

Instagram Hacks | Grum | @travenmeyers

See How It Works: 


Instagram Hacks | Planoly | @travenmeyers

Master Your Instagram Visual Branding and Organization with Planoly

Planoly (Instagram Planner)

Company Info Link: Planoly 

Versions: Desktop & Mobile (Apple/Android)

Price: (Free Trial) Then $9.00 to $199.00 Depending on how many Instagram accounts and users

Planoly was thoughtfully designed from a designer’s and editor’s point of view. Beautifully crafted to be simple, clean and easy to use. It’s the FIRST VISUAL PLANNER for INSTAGRAM. Clear and to the point web and mobile app — Planoly is the most effective visual social media planner on the market (oh, and you can schedule too)! This tool is my go-to for Instagram design and marketing, a design tool that I suggest to my design peers and students. If you are obsessed with visual storytelling or just a control freak around design, This program allows you to drag and drop your images in any style or pattern you want. A sweet branding tool for Instagram!


  • Plan and Schedule Instagram Posts
  • Discover Users, Hashtags and Trending Content
  • Hashtag Research For Your Industry (When you add your hashtag, Planoly shows you hashtags that are relevant to you.)
  • Free Stock Images for Your Instagram Marketing
  • Analytics Tool: Likes, comments, followers, posts
  • Comment Directly From Planoly
  • Add Instagram Stories
  • Design and Redesign Your Instagram Layout


See How It Works:


For my Instagram design, and marketing, I have my Websta extension activated, and my Planoly dashboard open and ready to create.

I use Grum mostly for uploading and editing my Instagram videos. So far Grum has been the best application I’ve found for video management. 

Within the Instagram community I have meet amazing people. Online and in person! As a digital nomad living between SE Asia and the Pacific Northwest i’m thrilled to meet my then followers and call them friends within Instagram meetup’s!

I do most of my Instagram groundwork on the computer, alongside creating my art pieces and curriculum for my next design course. So please, test out these apps and extensions and find a way to design on the fly without the hassle of mastering your Instagram marketing on your smartphone! These tools will allow you to create a more focused Instagram brand, with more control over the digital storytelling.

With that said! Go master, and create! And have fun with it.

*Please share this article on your social media platforms, or with others you feel will benefit from the information and Instagram hack! Visit my Instagram at @travenmeyers and use the hashtag #makeyourmarkmatter to be featured.

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