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501, 2018

(Instagram Hacks) How To Master and Manage Your Instagram Account from Your Computer

By |Social Media|

"Oh yes Instagrammers. This is for real! And don’t we all love an epic #instagramhack" Instagram is my number one social media platform. As an artist and educational technologist, I feel that I’m able to reach my market of

201, 2018

10 Benefits to Hosting a Webinar for Your Business

By |Design and Digital Marketing|

Most have you have heard of webinars, are hosting webinars, or wanting to learn how to create your first webinar for your business, product, or course. We are visually stimulated beings, so webinars are a must have within your

2011, 2017

17 Graphic Design APPS for Social Media and Digital Marketing

By |Design and Digital Marketing|

Modern technology within the design world has really opened doors for me as an artist. With graphic design apps, I’m able to snap, draw, and create on the fly from my ipad, or mobile device.

711, 2017

How To Thrive With The Da Vinci Syndrome; Rising As an ‘Everythingpreneur’

By |Make Your Mark Matter|

Okay the Da Vinci Syndrome isn’t a sickness, it’s more of an urban term for mindful creatives who visualize faster than they can implement, or have multi-passionate ideas or projects.Those of you that know me will most likely

1110, 2017

Healing Through Your Art, Through Emotional Imagery

By |Make Your Mark Matter|

Healing Through Your Art, Through Emotional Imagery Today during my morning meditation, I asked for guidance around my creative and spiritual artistry, as well as the courage to show up in the world, from my soul's awareness. Although this

1608, 2017

17 PowerPoint Templates for Your Digital Storytelling and Instructional Design

By |Design and Digital Marketing|

There is a growing rise in course, presentation and webinar design. PowerPoint is the leading program for creating professional and memorable slides. Whatever field or industry you are in, a high school biology teacher, safety and compliance manager, or

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