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902, 2018

The Top Presentation and Storytelling Tools for 2018

By |Digital Storytelling|

The Top Presentation and Storytelling Tools for 2018  Tips For YouTubers, Producers, Creatives & More!   Digital and visual storytelling are powerful tools in the learning industry.   As an instructional designer and educator,

501, 2018

(Instagram Hacks) How To Master and Manage Your Instagram Account from Your Computer

By |Digital Storytelling|

"Oh yes Instagrammers. This is for real! And don’t we all love an epic #instagramhack" Instagram is my number one social media platform. As an artist and educational technologist, I feel that I’m able to

711, 2017

How To Thrive With The Da Vinci Syndrome; Rising As an ‘Everythingpreneur’

By |Conscious Business|

Okay the Da Vinci Syndrome isn’t a sickness, it’s more of an urban term for mindful creatives who visualize faster than they can implement, or have multi-passionate ideas or projects.Those of you that know me will most likely