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Soul 2 Soul Coaching & Program
When we lead with our soul, our life itself transforms.

Soul 2 Soul Coaching & Mentoring Program

So many of us have a vision, and are unsure of which direction to go. Perhaps it’s within your business, or your spiritual path. Either way, I am here to support you as you make your mark in the world, and more importantly within your own life.

I have been an ordained spiritual minister, and mentor since 2002, specializing in working with women and children globally. 

In 2003 I became a practitioner of Eastern medicine, and started studying spiritual artistry, and indigenous medicine with spiritual leaders and healers locally and in SE Asia. 

In 2007 after my youngest son was born,  I suffered from a second traumatic birth, which inspired me to become a holistic midwife, and infuse my love of spiritual, energy, and Eastern medicine practices into my own offering and service. Developing my practice ‘Spiritual Wellness for Women & Children’. 

For over 16 years, I have run my private practice devoted to soul to soul communication and healing, with a strong focus on forgiveness around sexual abuse and trauma.

Heal the soul, and the mind and body will follow

This path has been an empowering path for myself, my family, and my loved ones.

This path is also weaved deeply into my offerings, and services in education technology, conscious business, and visual storytelling. 

Besides my university background, I feel my most intimate teachings, and growth have been from my apprenticeships and study with shaman, midwives, Buddhist scholars, and practitioners of ancient wisdom like the Venerable Tulku Jigme Rinpoche, Dr. Arun Gandhi, Dr. Zhi Gang Sha, Anita Rojas, and Mandaza Augustine Kandemwa to name a few.

Soul 2 Soul means just that. A soul to soul connection between two people, in life, in growth, breakthrough, or trauma. A true connection -T. Raven

I developed a one year program, I offer once a year called Soul 2 Soul Practitioner Program. Which is a 12-month internship, an intimate schooling around spiritual healing, energy medicine, and several other healing modalities to form a spiritual wellness practice and thriving business. 

This is an application only offering. Only 25 students a year. 

I developed it this way, so that we as a sacred group could grow, heal, and connect in an intimate way. I run the program partially online, and with living workshops. My students are either healers, or walking that path towards becoming aligned with that spiritual muse within. If you are interested in the Soul 2 Soul Practitioner Program, the application process open August 2018. 

Does this Resonate? If So, Reach Out To Me Today. 


Awaken The Muse® Design School
For Mindful Creatives, Conscious Businesses, & Thought Leaders Like You!

Awaken The Muse® Design School, was developed to help social entrepreneurs, creatives, and individuals make their mark through visual storytelling, and design. A design school offering courses ranging from branding and course development, to app and web creation. With Awaken The Muse® Design School you will be on the path of a mediapreneur ready to launch your online business, digital product, or offering. So join us today! Get on the list! 

The Art of Design Series Launches February 2018


Media & Design Services (Design Studio)

My design studio, offers services ranging from web and graphic design, to branding and promotions. With focus on infusing your brand with your mission, by bringing your ideas to life!

If you are a small business needing to develop your brand and digital storytelling, or a foodie opening your first food cart or truck. I can help you develop your visual message, and service through these offerings:

  • App Design & Development
  • Branding & Brand Storytelling
  • Course Creation
  • Graphic Design
  • Packaging Design
  • Promotional Design
  • Social Media Design & Development
  • Video Editing & Video Marketing
  • Web Design & Management

MCAT Prep and MCAT Review

(Product Example) Scrub Ninjas® Exam Review for MCAT (premed) and High School AP Bio/AP Psychology

The above image is an example of my exam review video game app called Scrub Ninjas® the first ever exam review video game! Conquer your exams by playing an action-packed ninja themed video game designed to make learning fun. Basically, it’s flash cards gamified! 

Awaken the mind with the Scrub Ninjas® and arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons, and traditional Japanese masks! and slice through a database of high-yield multiple choice (MCQs) test questions for the MCAT (premed) , and High School AP Biology & AP Psychology exams. Designed and developed by T. Raven Meyers. Available on iTunes & Google Play

Visit Scrub Ninjas®

(Client Example Above) Antra Renault, MSW : Branding Package | Web Design | Social Media Marketing 

Raven has a very special gift of designing with heart and soul. She helped to weave together my passion for therapy with a touch of the spiritual foundations of mindfulness and compassion. I absolutely love my Lamplight Therapy branding and website she designed and it was fun and awe-inspiring working with her! -Antra Renault, MSW Lamplight Therapy

(Client Example Above) Estaban Orozoco, Comida Pura Edibles | Logo Design & Package Design

I highly recommend Raven for anyone looking to create a new unique logo or packaging design for their business. She helped me with mine this summer. I came only with a rough image and ideas of what values I wanted to convey. Within a week and a few follow up messages she presented me with three beautiful packaging designs. She combined sacred geometry and symbols with my traditional Aztec symbol to create unique designs. I appreciated the mix of ancient and contemporary symbology and felt it would resonate with my customers. Raven created them as vector images, highly adaptable for printing purposes. Also she made me aware of several resources for ordering packaging for my new products. I’m making progress on my business and on presenting a professional image. With a new logo that reflects values I appreciate. Thank you Raven! -Estaban Orozoco

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