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awaken the muse design school | Online school for graphic design, digital marketing and entrepreneurship

An online school and living workshop for entrepreneurs, thought leaders, innovators, producers and creatives!

Courses ranging from app development & design, to visual marketing and course development. We all have a story to tell, and a deep knowingness and  wisdom to teach and serve others.

Perhaps you are a food trucker, or mother launching her first product or blog.  Whatever your path, I will teach you the steps you need to start your online business, teach your first course, and build your digital audience! So with that said, 

Make your mark matter in every area of your life through conscious business strategies, and a mindful brand storytelling. Join Us! 

Awaken the Muse Design School is CURRENTLY CLOSED

Get on the Wait List! Re-Opening in the FALL, Join the list and receive ‘100’ Professional Stock Images to help launch your online story! 


Soul 2 Soul Wellness Studio | Eugene OR | T. Raven Meyers

Soul 2 Soul Wellness Studio for Women and Children

A private practice offering prenatal, postpartum care and the ancient healing arts for women and children in the Pacific Northwest.

Services to honor and support body, mind, and soul to soul connection and healing between mother, parent, and child. Located in Eugene, OR.

Scrub Ninjas Exam Review | MCAT Prep | NCLEX Prep | Ap Biology Prep | AP Psychology Prep

Scrub Ninjas Exam Review Video Game for MCAT prep NCLEX prep AP Biology Prep AP Psychology Prep

Scrub Ninjas® is the first ever exam review video game! Conquer your  exams by playing an action-packed ninja themed video game designed to make learning fun.

Awaken the mind with the Scrub Ninjas®  and arm yourself with epic surgical infused ninja weapons, and traditional Japanese masks! and slice through a database of high-yield multiple choice (MCQs) test questions for the MCAT (premed) , NCLEX-RN (nursing) and High School AP Biology & AP Psychology exams. Available today on iTunes and Google Play! 


Make Your Mark Matter

The mind is everything. What you think you become.